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Empower your Normality

Normality Plus offers person-centred personal care, social and community support, and associated domestic services to meet the needs of people with a disability and aged in their own home environment.

Our services


Our Domestic Duties Services are designed to support each individual with a disability in maintaining their independence and comfort within their own homes. 

Personal Care

Our Personal Care Services are designed along with our clients to assist each individual who require help with essential daily tasks.

Social and Community

Our Social and Community services are designed along with our clients to support and empower individuals. We are committed to helping our clients to overcome obstacles and improve their overall well-being.

Our mission

We are focused on supporting and advancing the lives of those with a disability by supplying our clients with adaptable services that enhance the individuals normality.

To ensure that services are designed for each individual and their needs, keeping focused on outcomes for each individual.